Here you have my selection of top rated 6 person camping tents handpicked from hundreds of tents available on the market. These are true gems in this capacity group, all very different and reliable.

If you follow what is happening in the tents industry, then you surely know that this particular group of tents for 6 people is the largest on the market. This is easy to realize if you try to search for example camping tents for 7 people, or camping tents for 5 people. There are far more 6-person camping tents than the tents in both of these groups, and you could even add 8-person tents.

With so many tents in this capacity group, there are many different designs available on the market. You will see many of these tents where the capacity is determined by the number of sleeping pads that you can put on the floor. This is what is known as the backpacking principle, and for real camping, this makes no sense at all. So you will usually have to downgrade such a tent to 4 people or so.

On the other hand, there are true giants in this same 6-person group. It is interesting to observe that most of them come from the EU market. These tents are huge because they usually have a large living room, plus one or more rooms for sleeping.

There is also diversity in the materials and in the design. This means you have synthetic and canvas tents, and you also have tents that are dome type, cabin type, tunnel type, bell-shaped, etc.

With such diversity, it is very difficult to make a selection that would make sense. This is why every list is necessarily biased and it cannot be complete. But I have done my best to make a list of top-class tents from the best-known brands in this industry. Each of them has a specific combination of great features so that they truly deserve to be here.

My list of best 6 person camping tents

The tents in the list are ordered by the total protected area. This includes the inner floored area plus the area under the porch or vestibules if the tent has such an addition.


The focus here is on diversity, so all these tents are very different. It would be easy to populate the list with dome tents alone, or with tunnel tents, but this is not the point of the text. I could easily add 50 tents more. I wanted to present a relatively short list of the best tents from various groups and for a variety of activities and conditions.

I hope you will love the products I present below, I choose only the best that is on the market, those that I can fully recommend, and present them here in the site. Just a heads up that as an associate of Amazon and other sellers, I may earn some commission from qualifying purchases of products bought via links on this page, at no additional cost for you.

1. Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent

Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent.
Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent.

This Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent is one of the best-known dark-rest tents on the market. Yet another great feature visible in the picture is its screen room or you can call it the screened porch. It is floored but the floor is not sealed, and the screen walls are without panels. This screen room part is only with a partial coverage.

By shape, this is a dome tent and it is with what they call the fast pitch design. The meaning is that the poles are shock-corded and pre-attached to the hub element on the top. Yet another unique detail in this design is the attachment of the poles in the corners, you have short tubes and you place the end of a pole inside.

The mentioned dark rest room is with the fabric that blocks 98% of sunlight. The material is reflective from the outside so they also claim that the heat is reduced by up to 11%.

The official capacity is 6 people, and for this you have a total area of 140 ft² (13 m²). The floored dark-rest area is 10 x 9 ft (3.05 x 2.74 m). In other words, you have 8.36 + 4.64 m² in the two rooms. But only the dark-rest room is fully protected.

The peak height is 68 inches (173 cm), and the packed size is 26 x 11 x 11 inches (66 x 28 x 28 cm). The weight is 22 lb (9.98 kg).

Regarding the materials, the fly is a polyester taffeta 75D. The floor is durable with the bathtub design and with patented corner welds. They use inverted seams design and they call it the WeatherTec system with Polyguard fabric. The poles are fiberglass. This tent is also in my list of best family camping tents with a screen room.

What I like:

  • Lightweight.
  • Great packed size.
  • Great price.
  • Pleasant screen area.
  • Very dark sleeping area.

What I dislike:

  • Not very tall.
  • Fiberglass poles.

2. Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent

Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent.
Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas 6 Person Bow Tent.

This tent is here because of the following most important features: cotton canvas, spring steel poles, and incredible craftsmanship.

By shape, this is a dome tent supported by its spring steel poles. So this is incredibly strong and reliable construction, it is fully freestanding and this is a true 4-season tent. Note that they give a 3-year warranty on its parts, but they also claim that it is built to last over 15 years.

The tent is very aerodynamic and they claim it can withstand winds of up to 60 mph. But note that it is very tall for a dome tent, the peak height is 7 ft (213 cm).

Officially, the tent is for 6 people, and for this you have 100 ft² (9.3 m²). The picture above shows that you have an awning configuration that extends the tent’s covered area. The weight is not its best feature, it is 90 lb (40.8 kg). The same holds for its packed size which is 50 x 18 x 13 inches (127 x 46 x 33 cm).

They use a military-grade canvas so this is a heavy-duty, rip-stop cotton canvas 550 gsm, impregnated during the production process and it is fire retardant to all international and USA standards (CPAI 84). They claim it blocks UV rays and according to their statements it prevents decoloring with rating 4 on the blue wool scale. The floor is a rugged 550 gsm PVC with a bathtub design. The zippers are the high-quality #10 YKK.

It has lots of mesh on the openings so this is great for warm-weather camping. But you can close everything in a cooler environment. There are two vents on the top, they are with zippers so you can regulate the airflow.

What I like:

  • Top-quality materials.
  • Durable & reliable.
  • Very tall.

What I dislike:

  • Very bulky.
  • Very heavy.

3. Big Agnes Mad House Mountaineering Tent 6 Person

Big Agnes Mad House Mountaineering Tent 6 Person.
Big Agnes Mad House Mountaineering Tent 6 Person.

Here you have an extended dome-type full two-layer tent and it is nicely ventilated. All these vents visible in the picture are closable to preserve the warmth if you feel cold. There are closable mesh sections on the canopy that match the fly vents. The tent is elongated and it looks almost like a tunnel tent. You have a massive full-coverage fly for complete protection.

The focus here is on the 6-person version, but you might want to know that they build it also for 8 people. The tent has two rooms, two doors, and two vestibules, one for each of the rooms. So the organization is great and you have plenty of space for gear. If you want to be organized, here you have 16 storage pouches on the walls.

The poles are aluminum, and fly is a polyester rip-stop with high tenacity yarns, and a 1200 mm waterproof rating. The inner tent is a breathable polyester rip-stop, and the floor is bathtub-style polyester Oxford with a 5000 mm polyurethane coating.

The inner area is 94 ft² (8.7 m²) plus two vestibules that have 25 + 6 ft² (2.3 + 0.5 m²). So the total protected area is huge. The tent weighs 21 lb 8 oz (9.75 kg) and the packed size is 26 x 15 x 10 inches (66 x 38 x x 25 cm). The peak height is 68 inches (173 cm).

The manufacturer uses the word Mountaineering in the name, this is to indicate that it is good for any weather conditions. I have included it also in my list of  best 4 season family tents for camping.

What I like:

  • Overall quality.
  • Portability.
  • Storage features.

What I dislike:

  • The price.

4. Robens Klondike Tent

Robens Klondike Tent.
Robens Klondike Tent.

This tent is bell-shaped and this is the first distinctive feature. But this is also a 4-season poly-cotton tent, and it comes ready to use a wood-burning tent stove inside. This means that you have an integrated pipe jack on the top.

The tent is nicely ventilated, it has 3 floor vents and 2 roof vents. The peak height is 106.3 inches (2.7 m), so the tent is very tall, and they claim it has passed wind tests to withstand winds of up to 168 km/h. This is quite remarkable for such a shape and height.

It is officially for 6 people and for this you have a single-room area of 127 ft² (11.8 m²). The tent is moderately heavy with its 35.5 lb (16.1 kg). Typical for such bell-shaped tents you have the main central pole which is an anodized alloy 30.8 – 52 mm in diameter, and there is also an A-frame with a 22 mm diameter for the single door which you have here.

The mentioned fabric is a HydroTex Polycotton and this means 35% cotton and 65% polyester, and there is no coating here, so the material is breathable. The groundsheet is a zip-in type, which means that you can unzip it completely. The floor material is a top-quality 210T Oxford polyester and you have a 10000 mm waterproof rating. This tent is added also to my list of extreme cold weather camping tents.

What I like:

  • Very tall.
  • Pipe flap.
  • Ventilation.
  • Durable & reliable.

What I dislike:

  • Not freestanding.

5. Outwell Woodburg 6A Air Tent

Outwell Woodburg 6A Air Tent.
Outwell Woodburg 6A Air Tent.

This tent is a huge tunnel-shaped structure organized into 4 rooms plus a large porch visible in the picture above. The dimensions are enormous, 23.12 x 10.83 ft (705 x 330 cm) and the peak height is also impressive 220 cm. There is an inner tent that contains two sleeping rooms, for 2 and 3 people. A living room is in between these inner rooms and the porch.

But this is not all, there is also a small single-room inner tent in the porch area. Note that all these inner tents are removable, you can organize the space as you wish, and you can have 1 only or up to 4 separate rooms.

The tent is officially for 6 people. However, this is a camping castle with its total floored area of 189 ft² (17.59 m²). There is also the mentioned porch with its 52 ft² (4.83 m²) when the single-room inner tent is in place.

Yet another luxury here is 6 separate solid and tinted windows. You also have 2 external doors with their 2 windows. There are also 6 inner doors and many storage pouches at various places.

A few words about the materials. The shell is what they call the Outtex polyester with a 4000 mm waterproof rating, and the inner tents are built from a breathable polyester which is a sort of a dark-rest tent. The floor is a double-coated and sewn-in waterproof 100% polyethylene.

You have seen the word Air in the name. This is about its air beam tubes which they call the Rigid Air System frame that allows for a maximum pressure of 9 psi/0.6 bar.

This tent will work great anywhere, this is a true 3-season-plus tent. They claim the tent can withstand wind force 9, or 47-54 mph. It weighs 54.7 lb (24.8 kg), if you think this is heavy see again its dimensions. The packed size is 36.6 x 19.3 x 19.3 inches (93 x 49 x 49 cm).

What I like:

  • The overall design and organization.
  • The height.
  • Impressive waterproof rating.

What I dislike:

  • The price.
  • The packed size.

6. Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent

Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent.
Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent.

This is yet another tent here without metal poles, you have only air beams. These beams are pre-bent and straight on the sides, so you have lots of headspace inside, this is why it looks like a cabin tent. One person can set it up easily in just a few minutes, there is a hand pump included.

This is one of the tents with the design they call “lights out” This is less dark than true dark-rest tents but it is still dark enough to have glare reduced and you can sleep longer in the morning. Vango as a brand has many tents built with the same light-out feature.

Officially, the tent is for 6 people and you have a huge floor area of 190 ft² (17.7 m²). There is an inner tent with two rooms separated by a divider, and one large living room is in front of the sleeping zone.

The packed size is 70 x 37 x 36 cm, and the weight is 38.6 lb (17.5 kg). Overall dimensions are 183.07 x 149.61 inches (465 x 380 cm). Note also that the tent is very tall with its 79.92 inches (203 cm) peak height.

The floor in the living room is linked-in polyethylene. The fly is a 70 denier polyester with a waterproof rating of 4000 mm. They claim it is weather tested to the European standard EN5912 by a certified test center. The windows are solid PVC material.

What I like:

  • Huge area.
  • Tall tent.
  • Lights out design.
  • Solid windows.

What I dislike:

  • Linked-in floor in the living room.

7. Crua Core Dome 6 Person Tent

Crua Core Dome 6 Person Tent.
Crua Core Dome 6 Person Tent.

This tent has several features due to which I have decided to include it here. One of them is that this is a dome with inflatable beams instead of classic poles. The second is that this is a completely unique design with attachment ports for three smaller Crua Duo 2-person tents, or three smaller Crua Duo Max 3 person tents from the same brand.

Note that they sell this combination with attached smaller tents also under the name Crua Clan. But you can use this tent as it is, without the attachments. Also, those smaller attachment tents (if you buy them) can be used separately as well.

The picture above shows openings where you can attach the smaller tents, so it can grow after purchasing those attachment tents. This may be useful if you have friends or family members who want to join you in your camping adventures.

For a dome tent, you have an incredibly tall structure with a peak height of 7.5 ft (229 cm). The tent has 3 huge doors and a porch that can be fully closed, so it looks like a front room.

The tent can be described as fully freestanding with such inflatable beams. Note also that this is a single-layer tent with an impressive waterproof rating of 5000 mm, and it is suitable for a 3-season use.

The floored area is 192 ft² (17.8 m²). The porch adds around 67 ft² (6.25 m²) of the area. The tent weighs 33 lb (15 kg). The packed size is 35 x 15 x 15 inches (89 x 38 x 38 cm).

What I like:

  • Huge area.
  • Very tall tent.
  • Very reliable.
  • Versatile.
  • Huge doors.
  • Freestanding.

What I dislike:

  • Expensive.

8. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent.
Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent.

This Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent includes an incredible combination of features. This is a 4-room tent with a modular design. You have an inner tent within the shell and this inner area is with a removable divider. You also have a large living room under the shell tent. There is also a side room zipped to the tent, see it in the picture, and you can attach it on either of the two sides. 

The floored area is larger than 207 ft² (19.2 m²), plus the porch area of 32.3 ft² (3 m²). This is a poly-cotton canvas tent with inflatable beams. The tent has 7 windows, some mesh with panels, and some solid tinted windows. Note also that this is a very tall tent with its 6’11” (211 cm) peak height, so you realize how pleasant and comfortable this tent is.

The manufacturer describes it as a 3 season tent. It is heavy as expected from a canvas tent with air beams, the weight is 108 lb (49 kg). I would say this is quite normal when you see how much space it provides.

The packed size is 38 x 18 x 17 inches (97 x 46 x 43 cm). This tent is included also in my list of  best 4 season family tents for camping and best 4 room family camping tents.

What I like:

  • Unique construction.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Quality materials.
  • Incredible organization.
  • Very pleasant and livable.

What I dislike:

  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

9. Crua Loj 6 Person Tent

Crua Loj 6 Person Tent.
Crua Loj 6 Person Tent.

This tent is one of the most impressive tents on the market, there is nothing even remotely close to what this tent has to offer. I would start from the fact that this is an insulated tent and this means you have an inner cocoon that gives the tent an effective R-value 4. Only the sleeping area is insulated.

This is also a huge 3-room structure and you have an extra fully enclosed porch with a vestibule. The tent has 3 external doors and 2 inner doors. The living room inside is in front of the insulated tent, and it is massive.

The total inner area is 235 ft² (22 m²), and the mentioned porch adds 65 ft² (6 m²) to it. Note that the porch is without a floor so this is the place where you can sit with camping chairs and you can use it for cooking.

The frame is steel and the fabric material is breathable, this is a laminated poly-cotton 80/20. Note that this tent comes with a footprint included and with an insulated carpet. The sleeping area is a dark rest zone, it is completely dark inside even in the broad daylight. The tent provides a bit of sound insulation too.

You have 6 PVC windows, an awning configuration shown in the picture, and much more. This is a true 4-season tent that will protect you in any weather conditions. They claim it can handle winds of over 60 MPH.

The tent weighs 218 lb (99 kg) and its dimensions (L x W) are 277 x 158 inches (700 x 400 cm). The inner peak height is 83 inches (211 cm).

What I like:

  • Everything described above.

What I dislike:

  • Expensive.
  • Incredibly heavy & bulky.

Final thoughts

So this was my selection of top-rated 6 person camping tents, all very different and with some unique combination of features. I normally choose one of such items as an Editor Choice product, but this time I shall refrain from doing so. These are all very different tents and I feel it would not make sense to put forward one of them.

You might want to check also my selection of best Coleman 6 person dome tents. If you need something much larger, at least by the official capacity, please check my list of best 12 person family camping tents.

Let me know what you think, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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