This selection of Coleman 6 person dome tents includes compact, easy to use, and affordable outdoor shelters for smaller groups and families, and for up to 3 season camping.

Coleman 6 person dome tents are generally of the following types:

  • with a partial coverage fly, and
  • with a full coverage fly.

The former type has a fly that attaches to the frame so these tents are freestanding. The latter (with a full coverage fly) have vestibule(s) that must be staked to be functional, so these tents cannot be described as freestanding, but they offer lost of storage space. You have both examples here.

But there are other ways to group these tents. For example, some are pure dome supported with two X-crossed poles, and some have extension(s) with extra pole loops for support. So again, you will see both types here.

Coleman has many tents in this 6-person capacity group on the market. I have done my best to make a relatively short list with some great options. So each of the tents here in the list has something specific, or a specific combination of features. You will realize why they are included in the list.

My list of best Coleman 6 person dome camping tents

The tents in the list are ordered by the total protected floored area from smaller to larger:


I hope you will love the products I present below, I choose only the best that is on the market, those that I can fully recommend, and present them here in the site. Just a heads up that as an associate of Amazon and other sellers, I may earn some commission from qualifying purchases of products bought via links on this page, at no additional cost for you.

1. Coleman Skydome 6 Tent with Full Fly

Coleman Skydome 6 Tent with Full Fly.
Coleman Skydome 6 Tent with Full Fly.

This tent can be described as an extended dome. It has two main poles that support its inner room, but there is also one loop added to support its large vestibule.

The inner floored area is 85 ft² (7.9 m²), and the vestibule adds 40 ft² (3.7 m²) of covered space for storage and gear. So the fly here is a full-coverage type and the inner is completely protected. There are vents on the fly, but they did not add floor vents.

In any case, this is a 3-season camping tent and it is supported by fiberglass poles. There is an E-cable port as well.

Here are a few more numbers. The tent weighs 19 lb 5.4 oz (8.77 kg), and its floor dimensions are 120 x 102 inches (305 x 259 cm). The peak height is 72 inches (183 cm), and the packed size is 27 x 10 x 10 inches (69 x 25 x 25 cm).

Please see more in this video:

What I like:

  • Full fly.
  • Large vestibule.
  • Great packed size.
  • Great price.

What I dislike:

  • No floor vents.

2. Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent

Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent.
Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent.

This Coleman Carlsbad 6 Person Tent is an example of an extended dome tent. So the bigger part of the tent is under the dome, and there is a front screen room with an extra loop for support. This screened porch is floored but the floor is not sealed, and the screen walls are without panels. So this is a space for sitting when the sky is clear, and you are protected from flying insects.

They use here what they call the fast pitch design, and this means that the poles are shock-corded and pre-attached to the hub element on the top. At the ground, there are short tubes in the corners where you place the ends of poles, so this is a unique feature.

But this is also one of the best-known dark-rest tents on the market. The inner room fabric blocks 98% of sunlight. The material is reflective from the outside so they also claim that the heat is reduced by up to 11%.

The fly is a polyester taffeta 75D, and the floor is durable with the bathtub design and with patented corner welds. They use inverted seams design and they call it the WeatherTec system with Polyguard fabric. The poles are fiberglass.

The total area is 140 ft² (13 m²), but the floored dark-rest area is 10 x 9 ft (3.05 x 2.74 m). In other words, you have 8.36 + 4.64 m² in the two rooms.

A few more numbers you might want to see. The peak height is 68 inches (173 cm), and the packed size is 26 x 11 x 11 inches (66 x 28 x 28 cm). The weight is 22 lb (9.98 kg). This tent is also in my list of best family camping tents with a screen room.

What I like:

  • Lightweight.
  • Great packed size.
  • Great price.
  • Pleasant screen area.
  • Very dark sleeping area.

What I dislike:

  • Not very tall.
  • Fiberglass poles.

3. Coleman OneSource Camping Dome Tent 6 Person

Coleman OneSource Camping Dome Tent 6 Person
Coleman OneSource Camping Dome Tent 6 Person.

This is a simple dome type tent, and it is with a partial coverage fly, so it is also fully freestanding. It has one door and it is with 3 separate windows on its three sides. One extra window is also on the door, visible in the picture above.

The windows are double-layer type with a mesh from outside and a zippered panel from inside. The canopy is a taffeta so this is a more or less two-layer tent suitable for a 3-season camping.

But this is also a lighted tent, one from the Coleman One Source Rechargeable series. This means it comes with their OneSource battery. This is a 4800 mAh lithium-ion type battery. It is designed for USB-charging of external devices while powering gear, and it includes a 10 lumens LED flashlight, and a LED battery-level indicator.

So this battery can be used for the included lighting system which is in the sleeves. The charged battery provides light for up to 12 hours on high. You also have a fan included.

The poles are fiberglass poles, and the tent is nicely ventilated, with fly and floor vents. The weight is 20.5 lb (9.32 kg), and the dimensions are 10 x 10 ft (305 x 305 cm). So the inner area is 100 ft² (9.3 m²). The peak height is 6 ft (183 cm), and the packed size is 25.2 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches (64 x 27 x 22 cm).

What I like:

  • Integrated light system.
  • Bonus battery.
  • Bonus fan.
  • Ventilated tent.

What I dislike:

  • Complaints about leaking.

4. Coleman Elite Sundome Tent with LED Light System

Coleman Elite Sundome Tent with LED Light System.
Coleman Elite Sundome Tent with LED Light System.

This tent is supported by two main fiberglass poles, and it comes also with two shorter ones that create small brims on the front and on the back. Its floor area is quite good, there are 120 ft² (11 m²), and official capacity is 6 people.

One interesting feature here is its hinged door which you see in the picture. There are no many dome-type tents with such a door. But this is not all, it has an LED light system. This includes an overhead light and a wall switch that allows you to select between high, low and nightlight modes.

This system is CPX 6 compatible and it is powered by an included battery cartridge with 4 D-batteries. You will have 100, 42, and 5 lumens at high, low, and nightlight modes. The corresponding runtime for the three levels are 26, 65, and 81 hours.

The tent also has an E-cable port. The fly is a partial coverage type and the tent is freestanding. There are two windows and they are with mesh and panels.

The weight is 20 lb (9.1 kg), the dimensions are 12 x 10 ft (366 x 305 cm), and the packed size is 30 x 11 x 8 inches (76 x 28 x 20 cm).

What I like:

  • The door.
  • The LED light system.
  • The floor area size.

What I dislike:

  • Fiberglass poles.

5. Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent.
Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent.

This tent is a part of a series that includes also a 4 person and an 8-person tent. They all share the same features and those are great. Note that they have several separate Skydome series of tents, so it is easy to get confused.

So this is a true 2-room tent. There is a front room with mesh and panels on all the sides, plus a backroom that is under the fly.

So although the fly is not a full-coverage type, the tent is a true 2-layer type. The front room can be used as a screen room when the sky is clear, and here you are fully protected from insects. The floor is fully sewn-in and sealed everywhere.

The shape is an extended dome, there is an extra loop on the front. But note that the legs are straight, so the tent is almost like a cabin type structure. They claim this design offers 20% more volume than the usual dome tents.

The peak height is 6 ft (183 cm). The poles are fiberglass, and they claim that the tent has been tested to withstand up to 35 mph winds. This tent features their standard WeatherTec system. This includes a tub-like floor and patented welded corners, inverted seams and taped seams on rainfly and tent body. There is an E-cable port.

The base measures 12.5 x 10 ft so this means you have 125 ft² (11.6 m²). The weight is 19.34 lb (9.89 kg).

What I like:

  • The screen room.
  • Overall covered space.

What I dislike:

  • The weight.

Final thoughts

So this was my selection of Coleman 6 person dome tents, and I hope you see that there is quite a number of features incorporated into their design. These include a dark rest feature, integrated light system, screen rooms, and much more.

Editor’s Choice tent

I have decided to put forward this Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent because of its overall size and its fully protected front room that can be used also as a screen room. This is a true 2-room structure and this sets it apart from the rest.

True 2-room tent with a screen room
Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent.

Product Name: Coleman Skydome 6 Person Tent

Product Description: This tent has two separate rooms, and the front room doubles as a screen room as well, yet it is fully protected.

Brand: Coleman


MPN: 2000037522

  • Features - 9.4/10
  • Design - 9.5/10
  • Quality & craftsmanship - 9/10


This tent is a bit heavy, yet it scores great in all the rating criteria.

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