Camping Folding Chairs for Tall People

Here you have my selection of folding chairs for tall people, with very high seats and with armrests, and each with something particular that sets it apart from its competitors.

It is far easier to find low camping chairs than camping chairs with high seats. In fact, high seat camping chairs are quite rare. They are useful for very tall users and also for elderly people. Below you will see a few great options, I did my best to add those that have some unique set of features, so they are all very different.

The chairs are folding as the title suggests, and this means there is no assembly, they are all very easy to use. But there are differences in the folding size, you will realize this from their descriptions below.

My list of high seat outdoor chairs for tall users

The chairs in the list below are ordered by the seat height, from lower to higher:


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1. GCI SunShade Comfort Pro Chair

GCI SunShade Comfort Pro Chair.
GCI SunShade Comfort Pro Chair.

The seat height here is 20.7 inches (53 cm) on the front, and from the picture you realize that it is a bit lower on the back. The chair folds easily together with its adjustable sunshade. The adjustability implies different angles forward or backward. Note that the sunshade remains attached and you fold it together with the chair.

The chair folds like an umbrella, so it becomes a narrow but elongated tube, the folded dimensions are 44.1 x 7.1 x 5.5 inches (112 x 18 x 14 cm).

You have soft armrests with a cupholder and a phone pouch on the opposite side. The fabric is a ripstop polyester, so this is a very durable material. The backrest is almost all a breathable nylon mesh. The sunshade is with UPF 50+ rating. They build this chair in two colors.

The frame is a steel and the feet are with narrow plastic caps. The weight is 9.3 lb (4.3 kg), the capacity is 300 lb (136 kg), and overall dimensions (H x W x D) are 36 x 34.8 x 25.6 inches (91 x 88 x 65 cm).

What I like:

  • Sunshade.
  • Ease of use.
  • Quality.

What I dislike:

  • A bit heavy.

2. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair

Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair
Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Oversized Chair

This chair is with the seat height of 21 inches (53 cm) so this is quite a high seat suitable for taller users. It folds like an umbrella, so it is very easy to use, with a great packed size and with a reasonable weight of 12.4 lb (5.62 kg). Observe also its impressive capacity of 400 pounds (181 kg) and its overall dimensions, this explains the letters XXL in its name.

The Dual Lock words mean that you have push-buttons on the sides, so you lock it both when unfolded and when folded. This makes it easier to carry it and also to store in its included carry bag. The mentioned seat is breathable mesh, and this makes it a great option for warm-weather camping.

You also have cup holders integrated in its soft armrests, and a storage pouch. It is available at some sites under the name Kijaro Red Rock Canyon Dual Lock XXL Portable Heavy Duty Camping Chair, so just to know this is the same chair.

What I like:

  • Size.
  • Ease of use.
  • Quality.
  • Durability.
  • Price.

What I dislike:

  • A bit on the heavy side.

3. Guide Gear Oversized Tall Director’s Camp Chair

Guide Gear Oversized Tall Director’s Camp Chair.
Guide Gear Oversized Tall Director’s Camp Chair.

The seat of this chair is incredibly high, it is 22 inches (56 cm) above the ground. So the chair is suitable for the tallest users. Note also that it is 20 inches (51 cm) wide.

To continue with numbers, the weight is 16.9 lb (7.66 kg), and the capacity is impressive 500 lb (227 kg). The overall dimensions (W x D x H) are 26 x 22 x 39 inches (66 x 56 x 99 cm). This is a folding design but it remains relatively large in two dimensions, yet it becomes very thin. The folded dimensions are 40 x 23 x 6 inches (102 x 58 x 15 cm).

This is why you have solid but padded armrests, and from the picture you also realize that you have a side table. It is fixed to the chair, and it folds together with the chair. The frame is a powder-coated tubular steel.

What I like:

  • Capacity.
  • Side table.
  • Craftsmanship.

What I dislike:

  • The weight.
  • Folded dimensions.

Final thoughts

Perhaps you did not realize but the folding chairs for tall people presented here are all from the best known outdoor brands, those that are particularly specialized in building camping chairs. You also have a variety of weight capacity options, as you would expect from chairs for very tall and potentially heavy users.

The simplest of them is the Kijaro chair although its folding design is the same as in the GCI chair. By the way, the letters GCI in the name of this brand come from ‘great chairs innovations’, just to realize what kind of a brand you have here.

There are many other types of camping chairs here in the site, so follow the link and find out more. Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have questions, there is a comment box below.

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