About Us

The team behind this site runs several separate outdoor equipment sites with detailed reviews. So we have deep knowledge and an overview of everything that is happening in the outdoor industry. But for you as a reader and a person who is in search of an outdoor equipment piece it may be overwhelming when you are faced with hundreds of products.

This is where we hope we can help. Our strategy is the following:

  • We make a relatively short list of 7-11 products that are the best of the best in a particular group. We do our best to make lists that contain very different products that still belong to the same group, and we make no compromises. This means that we pay no attention to the popularity of the products presented here. So you can be absolutely sure that each and every product in the group indeed deserves to be on the list.
  • We try to help even more by selecting one product from the list as our Editor’s Choice product. This is usually a very tough decision for us. For each of such Choice products, we give a few main reasons that motivate us to put forward such a product.

If you have any questions you can always contact us through our Contact Page and also directly by email at support@bestofoutdoorgear.com

Scott, Editor –  Best of Outdoor Gear