4 Room Family Camping Tents

If you need a tent with great inner organization suitable for larger families, several couples, or just groups of friends, check this selection of best 4 room family camping tents.

Some of the tents here are for summer camping only, but there are also examples of tents that are literally for all seasons and every climate. You will see some truly unique examples that include a variety of features such as:

  • Air beams instead of classic poles.
  • Dark rest design.
  • Insulation.
  • Multiple doors and windows.
  • Breathable fabric.

Regarding the shape, the tents are tunnel type, cabin type or some mixture of styles.

My list of best 4 room family camping tents

So here is my list, the tents are ordered by floor area from smaller to larger:


Note that here you have both canvas and synthetic tents, and you will notice also that these are products from the best-known outdoor brands.

I hope you will love the products I present below, I choose only the best that is on the market, those that I can fully recommend, and present them here in the site. Just a heads up that as an associate of Amazon and other sellers, I may earn some commission from qualifying purchases of products bought via links on this page, at no additional cost for you.

1. Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent

Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent.
Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge FR Tent.

The official capacity of this tent is 5 – 7 people, and for this you have an area of around 183 ft² (17 m²). It is organized into 3 sleeping rooms and a large living room.

The tent is tunnel type, and you have two inner tents, one if them is with place for up to 2 people, and the other inner tent has a removable divider and here there is the place for 5 people in total.

The tent has 3 doors with mesh and it comes with strong aluminum DAC DA 17 poles that are 16 mm diameter. You also have solid PVC windows, and a huge 4000 mm waterproof rating. The shell is a durable 75D UV-resistant polyester. The floor is also very durable 210D hydro-film polyester waterproof up to 10000 mm. So you can be sure that you have full protection from the elements.

As you see from the picture, it allows for an awning configuration, and you have incredible 24 storage pockets. There are 6 windows in total. The weight is 44.5 lb (20.2 kg) and the dimensions are 252 x 128 inches (640 x 325 cm). The peak height is 74.8 inches (190 cm) and the packed size is 31.5 x 19.7 x 9.8 inches (80 x 50 x 25 cm).

What I like:

  • Quality materials.
  • High-level craftsmanship.
  • Shelter for all seasons.

What I dislike:

  • The price.
  • Not sewn-in living room floor.

2. Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent

Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent.
Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent.

As you realize from the official name of this tent, it is for 4-6 people, but this is a huge structure with 4 rooms and this is why it is here. You have a floored area of 188 ft² (17.5 m²), plus the room that they call the Sun Room with an area of 67.3 ft² (6.25 m²).

The floored area includes two side rooms that are used for sleeping and one large living area under the central dome. The mentioned Sun Room is without a floor but it is fully protected from the elements and you have solid windows. So this is a pleasant space for sitting and enjoying.

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The unique feature is that the sleeping rooms are insulated. So I have included it in my selection of the best insulated tents for winter camping. The rooms are also perfect dark-rest rooms. This is why it is also in my list of best dark rest camping tents. The tent is incredibly tall with a peak height of 8.2 ft (250 cm). There are 10 solid windows and 2 doors.

The structure is T-shaped and supported by steel poles. It offers an RV connection as well. The inner tents’ fabric is an 80:20 breathable polycotton mix, and the shell is a 70:30 breathable polycotton. The floor is a strong and fully waterproof polyethylene. Ventilation is excellent here, the fabric is breathable and they have added two floor vents and two wall vents. You get a 2-year warranty with this tent.

What I like:

  • Incredible organization and features.
  • Dark rest design.
  • Insulated sleeping rooms.
  • Solid windows.
  • Top-quality materials.
  • High-level craftsmanship.
  • Nice ventilation.
  • Full protection.

What I dislike:

  • The price.
  • The weight and packed size.

3. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tent Bobcat 500

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tent Bobcat 500.
Wildcat Outdoor Gear Premium Family Camping Tent Bobcat 500.

I would start with room organization first. You have an inner tent within the tent, and this is a sleeping area with 2 sleeping rooms. This inner tent has its own floor, plus the floor of the shell tent underneath it.

There is also one smaller side room. It is a fully floored square and its area is 16 ft² (1.49 m²). Here you have windows on all the sides, they are solid and with zippered shutters.

You also have a huge living room with an area of over 10 square meters and with 4 solid windows. Here you have a large front door plus a 2-layer type side door with a full-size zippered mesh door plus a full-size zippered panel.

The tent is built from a poly-cotton blend, i.e., cotton and polyester. This is a rip-stop waterproof but breathable material. They claim that it holds up well against UV rays and it has a longer life expectancy than polyester tents.

Although the fabric is breathable, there are several extra features for improved ventilation. The side door is full mesh, and there are also two mesh windows on the sides, and there are 3 large vents. The inner tent is fully breathable cotton with a smaller amount of polyester added for strength.

The floor of the inner tent is 195 g/m² polyethylene and the shell floor is also polyethylene. You also have air beams instead of poles.

Here are a few numbers. The weight is 88 lb (40 kg), the dimensions are 24.7 x 11.5 ft (753 x 350 cm), and the inner area is 202 ft² (18.8 m²). Peak height is 79.92 inches (203 cm) and the packed size is 38 x 18 x 17 inches (97 x 46 x 43 cm).

What I like:

  • Great design.
  • Huge area.
  • Tall tent.
  • Nicely ventilated.
  • Advanced beams.

What I dislike:

  • The price.
  • The weight.

4. Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent

Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent.
Wildcat Outdoor Gear Lynx 640 Air Inflatable Camping Tent.

Here you have a sort of tunnel tent with a modular design with 4 rooms that include the following.

  • An inner tent is with two sleeping rooms with a removable divider between them. This inner tent has its own extra floor.
  • You also have a large living room.
  • There is also a side room visible in the picture above. This side room can be attached to any side of the tent and this is why I describe it as a modular design.

The tent is built from a poly-cotton fabric, so it is waterproof but breathable. This is a ripstop material tested to provide exceptional waterproof specifications without sacrificing breathability. There are two floors, the inner tent has its own 195 g PE material, plus an additional PE shell footprint, and both are sewn in.

Note also that it is without classic poles and you have inflatable beams instead. This is why I have included also in my list of best inflatable tents.

You have 7 tinted solid and mesh windows and 3 doors. The number 640 in the name describes the tent’s length in centimeters. Observe also that the manufacturer describes it as a tent for 4–10 people. For this, you have an area of 207 ft² (19.2 m²), plus 32.3 ft² (3 m²) under the porch. The peak height is 6’11” (211 cm), and the weight is 108 lb (49 kg).

What I like:

  • Breathable material.
  • Full protection.
  • Multiple rooms and nice organization.

What I dislike:

  • The price.
  • The weight.

5. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent.
Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent.

This tent with the base of the shape of a cross has 4 rooms with sewn-in true dividers. Three of them are equal size and the fourth is a central living room that is twice the size of the other rooms. Each of the rooms has its own door, but they also have inner doors for connection with the living room.

This means that you have the best privacy that you can expect from a tent. As you realize, the rooms are even physically separated. The official capacity is 14 people and for this, you have 222 ft² (20 m²). The tent is cabin-style with steep and tall walls, the peak height is 78 in (198 cm).

The tent is best suited for summer camping, it is pleasant and with 12 big windows on all its sides. There is also an electric cable port. You will want to know also that it is very affordable.

Here are a few more numbers. the weight is 47.96 lb (21.8 kg) and its overall dimensions are 20 x 20 ft (6 x 6 m). The packed size is very good (L x D) 28.5 x 13.75 inches (72 x 35 cm). This tent is also in my list of very large camping tents.

What I like:

  • Great organization.
  • Great packed size.
  • Great price.

What I dislike:

  • No floor vents.

Final thoughts

So this was my selection of the best 4 room family camping tents, and I hope you realize how extraordinary all these tents are. They are also very different in style, so making a general ranking list is very difficult. But I put forward the tent shown below as Editor’s Choice because this is a true 4 season tent and it also comes with an incredible combination of features, with some being completely unique on the market.

Editor’s Choice tent

There are just a few insulated tents on the market and they all belong to the same brand which is behind this tent. But insulation is just one out of many of its great features.

Incredible combination of features & quality
Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent.

Product Name: Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent

Product Description: This is an insulated, dark rest, 4-room structure, incredibly well-built and reliable, for all seasons and for all climates.

Brand: Crua Outdoors


  • Features - 10/10
  • Design - 9.8/10
  • Quality & craftsmanship - 9.8/10


This tent includes so many great features, the craftsmanship is at the highest level, so the overall rating is exceptionally high.

User Review
10/10 (1 vote)

In this video, you can see a bit more and you will realize why it is my choice tent:

For more options please check under the category Outdoor Shelters, you will find a variety of collections with respect to official capacity or best use. Let me know if you have questions, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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